Interesting Facts and figures one must know regarding web design

Web design means design process of a website including creative content writing. There are professionals who paint their ideas into graphical and pictorial way which conveys the clear message. Normally, website designing is one of the booming field for which various educational institutes have started imparting professional degree courses.

Web design is generally linked with designing part and write-up part of the company’s website. But, there are lots of technical related things like coding, arrangements, HTML proficiency, programming language etc. These all vital parameters make web engineering. And then arises the issues on making website visible on air enabling trade and transactions which is a web development work.


Web design includes various expertise skills including interface design, graphic design, authoring, standardized code and search engine optimization. Thus these three parameters go hand in hand. There are various web accessibility guidelines which is to be examined by every website designers.

Surprisingly, MICROSOFT released its first website browser in 1996. To design something, designers need to put things into tabular formats. If the website design is complicated, lots of tabular work was t be done. GIF images were used in the tabular formats to make designing more impactful. In the same year surprisingly, In the same year surprisingly, FUTURESPLASH which is now known as FLASH was also developed in the same year. Motion in graphics was possible though this which was termed as ANIMATION.

Tim Berners LEE proposed to make the first hypertext project globally in 1989. There were multiple browsers at that time. But there were no images where sounds can be mixed up. In October 1994, World Wide Web (WWW) was launched thereafter. Then internet explorer came into recognition and people started to explore it.

2001 was the time of modern era. Modern browsers started to get used. HTML 5 versions came into picture and CSS3 and java script was used with it. Various tools, technologies and software were designed to make the website design more valuable. B2B types of transactions were first visualized in this time period by experts and professionals. Marketing and communication design was given a new route. User experience design and interactive design was promoted. Advanced interactive functions were introduced and these all made the online marketing work more easier, better and enhanced. Many website design company in ahmedabad used these protocol.

2012-2013 was the time period when innovations were thought of. Sliders and rotating banners were used to make website more vibrant and lively. This has become one of the most popular home page styles in website. This was used to showcase additional features or quality content of any organization.

Many things are now related to website design. This includes web development, user interface design, user experience, typography, technical writer, search engine optimization, new media, marketing communication, information design, interaction design, graphic design, digital illustration, communication design, copy-writing etc.

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